Our Agreements

The Gammill Group offers three standard agreements. Each agreement offers a different level of service and commitment. We will listen carefully to your needs and do our best to guide you to the logical product that can satisfy and fix your staffing problem.

Fully Retained: This agreement outlines an estimated total fee that is billed in three equal installments. The first installment is billed on the commencement of the search process. The second installment is billed after 30 days, and the last, following another 30 days.  Once the position is filled the final installment will be adjusted depending on the candidate’s total compensation package.

Partial or Progress Based Retainer: This agreement outlines a predetermined, upfront investment (typically 1/3 of the total estimated investment). A second installment is earned after our team presents a preset number of qualified candidates whom you agree to interview on site (usually two or three candidates). The final installment is earned after the search is completed, which again is adjusted depending on the candidate’s total compensation package.

Contingent: This agreement is mostly used when a potential candidate has already been identified through another search or when a client wants us to watch for certain types of candidates when we are making recruiting calls. Given the nature of this agreement, contingent searches many times are not given priority.

Of the three, our most popular agreement is the Partial or Performance Based Retainer. This agreement does create some mutual risk, but it also guarantees commitment and dedication, because the last two installments are not billed until we “earn them”. Regardless of which retained product is selected, all candidates sourced will remain exclusive to your position until we are notified that they are not longer being considered. We will not make you compete with our other clients.


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