Interim Management

Meeting your toughest requirement now

At some point, nearly every business will be challenged by periods of transition. For instance, a key staff member takes a leave of absence, a new project requires staffing fast or perhaps the need is to respond to a temporary, but exceptional, workload. Whatever the driving factor, you can count on The Gammill Group to help you expand your capabilities fast, reliably, and to your complete satisfaction.

How your organization benefits

We can help you fill interim requirements in a range of disciplines – Finance, Management, Operations, Information Systems, and more. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Fill your requirements fast, whether for absences or short term projects
  • Bridge specialty skills gaps during permanent search process
  • Respond more effectively to changing markets and opportunities
  • Add management capacity to handle workload peaks
  • Maximize flexibility in staffing for key positions
  • Realize significant cost savings with no overhead for employee benefits

About the candidates

How do we find executives with the experience, motivation and leadership qualities you’re looking for? First, our recruitment efforts are not focused on individuals who are simply between jobs – we turn to professionals who have chosen interim as a career path. Many highly capable professionals have made the commitment to this type of lifestyle. They appreciate the fact that organizations value their expertise, they thrive on the challenges, and they are individuals who enjoy meeting new people and showcasing their skills. These are precisely the type of people you can count on for the most demanding projects and we’re prepared to bring you together.

Ready to get moving? Let’s get together to discuss our interim management requirements. Contact us.


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